ETSY is Still A E-commerce Platform for Handmade Items?

I’m not sure is an honor or sarcasm addressing ETSY issue as my first post, but this is really driving me crazy.


It is a platform for people to sell and buy handmade products. The USP of this platform is E-commerce place for HANDMADE PRODUCTS. If you are looking or something special where it cannot be found in markets or retail shops, you may visit ETSY to check out whether there is any merchant who designed, made and sell on ETSY. In the meantime, if you are talented in hand-making some item examples necklace, watch or even magazine holder, you may sell it on ETSY so that people with the same taste and same preference as you will buy from you.


This is a simple example. On ETSY, there are two seller selling the watch and I found it on Aliexpress with a different seller name. So whose watch is this?

Vintage wood watch, Etsy, aliexpress, complain996Vintage wood watch, Etsy, aliexpress, complain996

However, many people have reported finding similar items selling on ETSY and Alibaba. There are two possibilities in this case,

  1. The ETSY’s seller has designed the products and made in China, hence selling items in both platforms
  2. The seller just order items from Alibaba and sell on ETSY.

Sadly, most of the cases are options 2. I’ve googled and read discussions and posting regarding this issue. Many people found the similarity and reported/flagged the merchant and hopping ETSY admin will take some action. The good news is the admin did replied, thanking for eyeing and reporting, end with action will be taken. The bad news is nothing happening and the merchant is still selling on ETSY.

Of course, there are ETSY’s sellers complaining their product photos are stolen and shown on Aliexpress which indicates that his/her handmade item has been mass produced in China.

The ETSY’s admin has made two mistakes here and should be responsible in this case.

  1. Without seller, there will be no peoples visiting your site. Shouldn’t you take care of your seller rights? ETSY’s admin should protect those seller’s photos by adding in watermark or maybe disable javascript? I don’t know, but you should be doing something to protect your merchant.
  2. Since customers have realized this issue, ETSY’s admin should take real action instead of leaving mere comments. If you think your company is lacking of human resources, you could have at least suspend those sellers while taking your own sweet time checking the case.

If you (ETSY’s admin) really aimed to earn the money regardless of keeping your site USP, ETSY is no different as other e-commerce platform. Sooner or later, your site will be blacklisted by customers and generate zero income. Clearly, you are not as smart as you think.


There are so many people out there who called themselves e-commerce guru where they give speeches and writing blogs on how to earn millions by selling Alibaba products on ETSY. Even though I know 10 out of 10 business men are sly. Everyone wants to earn money in the easiest way. By getting products at lower than USD3 and sell it on ETSY with a price of USD30, the seller actually 900%. This is just a simple example. Frankly, it is very unfair to those ETSY’s sellers who really work hard to produce the products. I really don’t get it why people can be thirst for money and did something immoral. Where is your humanity? Didn’t your parents or teachers teach you well? I hope karma comes back to you.

etsy, alibaba, complain996


etsy, alibaba, google, search complain996This is the first result page shown on google when I type “complain etsy and aliexpress”. I have border blue and red whereby red border indicates posts that claimed there are e-commerce guru and teach people how to earn money by ordering items from Alibaba and sell on ETSY. Those in blue color are complaints from sellers and merchants. Isn’t this a sick society. Problems arise and nobody taking action. Some people are leveraging on this to earn money. WTF?!!


Whenever you discover the item you intend to purchase happen to be selling on ETSY and Alibaba, you may check out the Genuity by the following methods,

  1. The most easy way to identify is checking out whether the product is sold by many merchants or just one merchant.
  2. Do some research, check out whether similar items happen to sell on Amazon or Ebay.
  3. You may read comments left by previous buyers, but I don’t really recommend because comments can be forged.




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