People Issues

Today I’m going to talk about people issues, precisely towards mother and daughter relationship. Since this platform is for me to complain, don’t be surprised by the content.

I’ve witness this issue for quite some time yet no one has bothered other than me. Why? Because I’m the outsider of that family and I shouldn’t be interrupting the family culture and behavior and hence I’m here to complain. The one that I’m absolutely frustrated and disgusted with is a 18 year old young lady, which happens to be the youngest family member and the only daughter.  I don’t care how you look at a 18 year old lady but to me, 18 year old is old enough to take care of her own shit.

Let’s get straight to the points, what I’m unhappy with.

  1. She did not do any chores and I mean it. She doesn’t sweep or mop the floor, clean up any mess she had done, wash away mugs that she used, wash, dry or folds any cloths, not to mention cleaning the toilet.
  2. She did not cook for her family. Maybe you think I’m overwhelming for this point. She cooks instant mee for herself, powder and dried ingredients are everywhere (countertop & dining table), soup stain on the kitchen countertop, washed wok / pot with stained of leftover, and of course, the sink that full of leftovers.
  3. She is unproductive for a whole day and every day where she watches tv, animation, funny videos, plays DOTA to entertain her just-dated-BF, text, nap, eat, repeat.
  4. She did not score well in her exam neither in co-curriculum. She thinks that she is not a study material and doesn’t even put in any effort in her study. She wasn’t really talented in any other activities. She plays violin but she can’t read the notes. So, how she scores? She memorizes the note and surprisingly (not surprise at all), she is now grade 5. Her violin teacher only teaches the song she goes for examination for the entire time and hence, she passed. However, if you randomly pick up a grade 2 notes and ask her to play, you will only get shit.
  5. She has a bad attitude, bad manners and bad temper. She doesn’t talk politely, she doesn’t well- behave and she talks back a lot regardless whether her words making no sense. She talks to her parents as if they were her slave, easily frustrated and slamming the room’s door like a mad woman and demanding things that her family barely afford. There was once I saw that she is pinching her mom because her mom didn’t get her a new phone. She insulted her mother publicly, telling her mother she was such a failure because cannot fulfill her demand.

I really don’t know why she can survive for such a long time. Definitely her family toleration and maybe comprehension that contributes to her current attitude and mindset. Let me clarify the family status. Both parents are working but didn’t get high salary. In short, it’s safe to say that the parent’s salary probably just enough for family spending and maybe trivial for saving. I personally less adore the father due to TMI. Feeling pathetic towards the mother, at the same time, thinking is her karma for what she has done.

Alright, let’s back to my loathsome, enraged complaints. This fucking daughter always taught that her family is rich. I don’t know how she has this piece of mind, but their family did not stay in a castle, villa, banglore or semi-D. I’m not saying that their house is cheap, but is not a princess-like living style. How on earth she thinks she is rich? Always demand for expensive stuff yet didn’t work part time to earn extra penny. I really don’t understand why she thinks her parent owes her and they are obligated to fulfill all her nonsense requests.

I don’t mind if she behaves ladylike, but she literally picks foods like aunty picks vegetables in the market. She picks and place back and pick repeatedly till the moment she thinks is “the one”. By the moment she got “the one”, the whole plate of dishes already has the saliva. (There are sharing forks and spoons but she is not using.) She knocks her spoon on the table so hard like a hammer and nail just to get rid of rice that stick on the spoon. She chews food audibly and throw out unwanted food everywhere on the dining table. Again, just for reminder purpose, she holds her spoon ladylike like some Britain lady having their high tea. I really can’t stand this. How on earth you put on the front show so nicely yet your manners ruin everything. Are you nuts? Anywhere, her family members didn’t overreact like how I do. Maybe is perfect for them.

What I most pissed off is that she don’t appreciate her mother. She thinks her mom is uneducated, annoying, life-failure bitch, but I think she will be a better successor for this character. She talks to her mom full of frustration, yelling most of the time, thinking she is a success grown-up which makes me feel that her brain is on her ass. She did not help out her mother yet always need the mother to take care of her shit. Maybe this is how her mother teaches her, I don’t know, but I just don’t understand why she can survive with this attitude for so many years on earth.

Anyway, this is my complaints at this moment. I really hope that everyone appreciate their parents. No matter you are born in a rich family or poor, keep in mind that you survive everyday even though you are not contributing to the family. At the same time, I think everyone should figure out how to be a good parent so that your kids are not spoiled. I’m not saying that I’m perfect, but at least I don’t behave so.


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