As per the title, this site is clearly created for myself to complain. Of course, I am delighted to help anyone out there, who felt being cheated or unsatisfied with any good and services to raise the complaints.  complain996, happy, delighted

What is Complain996?complain996, thinking, wondering

Anyway, let’s begin with the explanation of the title “complain996”. Complain as we all know, is a way to express your unhappiness whereby things does not happen as what it should be. 996 is an adjective in Hokkien (one of the Chinese dialects) which generally use in Malaysia and Singapore. So, in short, complain996 means complain till the max limit.

Why Do I Started This Blog?

There are so many things in this “real world” that trigger my  anger. Not that I am hard to please, but in some circumstances, things just get wrong yet nobody taking action or even worse, somebody just took advantage of it. dulan, bo song, angry, complain996So, I’m obviously not happy with it. However, I know, who cares? Other than me, I’m not sure anyone will spare some of their time and emotions in all this unfair situation. So, this is a place where for me to throw out my grumpiness  and anger. Instead of corrupting my friends’ ears, I decided to spam this blog.

Why Complain996?

When I share this title with my friend, he said it was lame. I did think of all kinds of name before I started, like “complain queen”, “complain wall”, “new complaints”, … But hey, since the intention of this site is for me to complain, I should choose a title that fits my character, right? so?, complain996Make sense?